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We reject kings, presidents, and voting. We believe in rough consensus and running code. -- David Clark 1992


Welcome to I work as a Systems Engineer for the Allen Institute, operate as a moderator for the LinkedIn Protocol & Analysis Trouble-shooting Group, and have been tottering about the IT support space for several decades. I use this Web site to host the Netops Toolkit, educational material I've developed, and musings around IT, society, and the world in general.

In March, I will attend Cascadia IT Conference 2016 in Seattle, WA USA -- plenty of engaging classes to attend, including my own Myth-Busting: The Network Layer and Diagramming IT Environments.

Applications explores application behavior, particularly around performance and pathology.

Experts lists the experts whom I consult for education and sanity checks.

Network Management contains links to code which I use for managing network devices: configuration as well as trending, trapping, and polling approaches to fault detection (Netops Toolkit).

Maps describes how I visualize OSI Layers 1-7 in an enterprise network.

OS includes pointers to operating system specific links.

Packet contains links to documents which describe how I visualize packets traversing a switched/routed Ethernet environment, along with network analysis case studies.

Problem Management hosts my understanding of this ITIL function, with particular focus on Root Cause Analysis.

Philosophy contains links sketching how I think about IT, the office, and human society writ large.

SAN hosts my understanding of Storage Area Networking.

Seminars contains descriptions of the seminars I offer at IT conferences, the decks I use to facilitate these classes, and homework I prescribe to attendees for completion in the weeks prior to attending.

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Stuart Kendrick

Last modified: 2016-02-09