The Unix Way



Intro to Unix

I'm aiming at folks who are comfortable with Windows but who are brand-new to Unix. Each seminar is hands-on. In each seminar, we will start with how you do it under Windows, both using the command-line and using the GUI, and then compare and contrast to how you perform the same function under Unix, again using both the command-line and a GUI. You will have 'root' access on the course machine, a SuSE 10.1 box. We'll start with commands like 'cd', 'ls', and 'cp' ... and progress to comparing Task Manager with 'ps' and 'kill' ... glance at the Registry and then read text configuration files ... installing packaged software ... and by 'Intro to Unix III', we'll be playing with printing, compiling software from scratch, and grepping through logs . You do not need to attend all three in order to get something out of it ... I intend to structure the material so that you can still learn something even if you just make the middle one or the last one. The class will be structured in fifteen minute chunks: fifteen minutes of talking and demo alternating with fifteen minutes of hands-on exercises. Bring your questions.

Last modified: 2017-04-28